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ontario peach & nectarine

Examples of retail locations include:

Loblaws' stores

Visit the Loblaws' stores website.


Visit the Metro website.


Visit the Sobey's website.


Visit the Walmart website.


Visit the Longo's website.

Seasonal Availability

Commercial availability dates are approximate in nature and may be earlier or later based on growing conditions.

Semi-Freestone Peaches

  • mid July to mid August

The flesh of the semi-freestone variety partially clings to the pit. These peaches are excellent for eating out-of-hand. Types of semi-freestone peaches include: Harrow Diamond, Springcrest, Candor, Harrow Dawn, Early Redhaven, Garnet Beauty, Risingstar, Brighton, Sunhaven, Harbelle and Sentinel.

Freestone Peaches

  • mid August to end of September

The flesh of a freestone peach separates easily from the pit. Perfect for eating fresh and for all your preserving needs. Types of freestone peaches include: Redhaven, Vivid, Harbite, Harson, Blazingstar, Harrowfair, Starfire, Veeglo, Harrow Beauty, Loring, PF24, Allstar, Coralstar, Cresthaven, Redskin, Glowingstar and Harcrest.