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ontario tart cherry

Storage & Handling

Important Ordering/Purchasing Instructions

Ontario Chilled and Pitted Cherries are a fresh, highly perishable product. Freezing as soon as possible after purchasing is essential to maintain highest quality. To assist consumers, Ontario Chilled and Pitted Cherries are packaged and sold already pitted.

Red tart cherries are sold in 5 kg pails with red lids and black sweet cherries are sold in 4.5 kg pails with black lids.

Don't miss out on this cherrific opportunity to have fresh from the orchard goodness available year round by ordering Ontario Chilled and Pitted Cherries in advance. Retailers will stock fresh chilled pitted cherries daily, but to avoid disappointment, consumers should pre-order their pails of Ontario Chilled and Pitted Cherries through the Produce Department or Customer Service Desk.

Ontario Chilled and Pitted pails may not be readily visible in store due to space constraints within retail Produce departments. You can request pails from the Produce Manager as they are sometimes stored in back room coolers.

To preserve tart cherries for year-round enjoyment, this fruit is packed in pails, lightly sugared (10 per cent by weight) and shipped immediately to coolers for quick chilling.

For convenience, all Ontario Chilled and Pitted Cherries can be frozen in small containers or freezer bags with a sufficient amount for a pie (4 cups/1 L) or desserts (2 cups/500 mL).


If using pitted cherries with sugar already added, you may elect to adjust recipes as necessary using no sugar at first and tasting the filling as you go to determine if additional sugar is required.


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